Cactic Fitness now lets you create the home gym you want. In addition to the available gym equipment their website has a large variety of videos, exercise charts and a gallery of exercise ideas. All you need in one place to make an informed decision.

How it works

Columns form the base, to which various modules can be attached. Some of the modules can be used when attached to one column, while others require two.

Single column modules include the dips, single column pull ups and the plus bar. Each offering a multitude of exercise options.

Two column modules include the kipping pull up bar and spotting arms.

All the modules can be adjusted up an down the column to the correct height for different workouts.

It’s this unique combination of modules and height adjustment that provide the platform for an unlimited range of exercises.

Storage modules are available to store accessories, bars, weight plates and a tablet.

On the website you can select the modules you need for the gym you want. As the modules are selected the price is adjusted accordingly.

There is a separate page for a single column, double column and kipping pull-up bar.

1 column home gym
2 column home gym
Kipping pull up bar

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